Essential Tips for a Clean Ceiling Fan and Efficient AC

Sunshine, barbeques, pool parties – summer’s a blast, but let’s be honest, battling the heat can be a real drag. Who wants to wilt indoors when there’s fun to be had? This season, let’s team up to keep your home cool and comfortable – all summer long! First up, harness the power of your trusty […]

Cottage Cleaning Hacks for a Weekend Escape

Want to ensure your cozy cottage getaway stays truly relaxing, with minimal cleaning throughout your stay? Just follow our checklists. The 6 Golden Rules of Cottage Cleanliness Here are 6 simple rules AKA cottage policies to make cottage chores fair and square. 1.The One-Wipe Policy Train everyone to wipe up spills and drips immediately. This […]

From Dust Cloud to Dream Home: Your Guide to Post-Construction Cleanup

The renovation is complete, and you’re thrilled with the results! But before you kick back and admire your new space, there’s one crucial step remaining: tackling the endless mountain of construction dust. This never-ending film clings to every surface, but with the right approach you’ll soon be breathing easy in your brand new space. Safety […]

Outdoor Cleaning Tips for the Perfect Victoria Day Get Together

Ah, Victoria Day! A long weekend synonymous with sunshine, burgers sizzling on the grill, and laughter echoing in the backyard. But before you can light the grill and unleash the laughter, the state of your deck and yard might be causing a wrinkle on your brow. Breathe! We can transform your pre-BBQ backyard cleaning into […]

Indoor and Outdoor Homemade Window Cleaning Solution

Who needs expensive store-bought products when you can achieve sparkling clean windows with everyday household items? Here are some effective (and budget-friendly) homemade solutions to tackle grime on interior and exterior windows, and learn why they work so well! For Sparkling Indoor Windows: The Classic Vinegar Vibe This tried-and-true method is fantastic for everyday cleaning. […]

Spring Cleaning: Conquer the Chaos with Teamwork (and a Few Bribes!)

Spring has sprung! Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and the overwhelming urge to banish winter dust bunnies is upon us. But let’s be honest, facing a mountain of cleaning tasks can be enough to make anyone wilt like a forgotten houseplant. The answer? Get the whole family involved. This year, turn spring cleaning into […]

Star Wars-Themed Cleaning Tips

This Saturday is May 4th, a day celebrated by Star Wars fans everywhere! But if pesky household chores are holding you back from enjoying the fun, remember Padawans: patience and persistence lead to cleanliness! Just like mastering the Force takes time and dedication, so too does keeping your home clean. Don’t get discouraged if your […]

Cleaning Hacks to Make Your Home Seem Pet Free

For most humans, it’s hard to live without a pet, but their presence can sometimes be a bit too noticeable. Between the fur, the accidents and the muddy paws, maintaining a clean and inviting home can feel like a constant battle. However, you can create a pet-free feeling home, even with your furry (or feathery) […]

Green Cleaning Myths Debunked! Join the #UltimateGreenCleanChallenge

This Earth Day, let’s get real about cleaning! We’ve all seen the DIY vinegar concoctions and eco-friendly product claims, but are they truly effective? This year, ditch the greenwashing and join us as we debunk the myths surrounding DIY and eco-cleaning practices. DIY cleaners don’t smell fresh. False! Lemon, lime, grapefruit and/or orange peels in […]

Goodbye Soap Scum, Hello Sparkling Bathroom

Soap scum. Ick. It lurks in the shower, clings to the faucet, and mocks us with its filmy, mineral-laden grin. We know, soap scum is an ongoing challenge easily avoided. But wait! Today we’re going to give you a few DIY cleaning solutions to once-and-for-all, beat this bathroom beast and reclaim your bathroom! First, a […]

Inspirational Quotes for a Sparkling Clean Home

Have the spring cleaning blues got you down? We’ve all been there! But listen up, fellow tidiers! The internet is brimming with cleaning quotes guaranteed to inspire, tickle your funny bone, or simply remind you that you’re not alone in this battle against dirt, grime and 700 shoes between you and the front door. Let’s […]

The Clutter Culprits You Didn’t Know Existed

Ever walk into a room and feel that overwhelming sense of clutter, even though you  just cleaned? You’re not alone. Sometimes, the biggest culprits behind a messy space aren’t the usual suspects (piles of laundry, overflowing toy bins). Instead, it’s the subtle organizational oversights that create a sense of chaos. By identifying these popular mistakes […]

Sustainable Kitchen Shortcuts: Save Time, Money, and the Planet

We all know the struggle: You dream of whipping up gourmet meals every night, but between work, kids and the sheer exhaustion of modern life, frozen dinners can look mighty appealing. But what if you could be both sustainable and efficient in the kitchen? We think you can! Here at MOLLY MAID, we’re all about […]

The Ultimate Room-by-Room Spring Cleaning Checklist

In the whirlwind of spring cleaning, an airtight checklist becomes your secret weapon! It ensures you don’t miss any problem areas, keeps you focused on the task at hand and ultimately helps you conquer your cleaning goals with a sense of accomplishment. Every Room Checklist Start with tasks that apply to all rooms, this includes […]

Selling Your Home? Stick to these 5 Home Staging Rules

If you’re thinking of putting your home on the market and want it to sell fast? It’s time to think like an interior designer and stage your space so it becomes the talk of the town. With a few free, inexpensive and DIY inspired home staging rules, you’ll have potential buyers swooning over your property […]

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