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3 Essential Steps to Swapping Out Seasonal Clothes


September brings with it a reminder that cooler weather is on its way. Although the days can still be sunny and warm, Thanksgiving weekend is just around the corner. It won’t be long before an extra layer is not only wise, but well-advised, and closed-toe shoes a must. This month, think ahead and take a few days to prep for the unavoidable closet overhaul when summer tees, tanks and flip flops are swapped for fall cardies, pullovers and leather boots.


1 – WASH

The first step to swapping out any seasonal clothing is to give them a good clean. Pre-treat stains, mend tears, and replace buttons. While not everything you’ve worn during the summer must be put away, light-weight fabrics, summer dresses, shorts, and bathing suits will make more room for warmer garments needed to get through the colder months. Once washed, carefully fold to avoid creases before putting away in boxes or bins. Always store in a clean dry place to avoid damage. 



Seasonal swap outs are a great way to re-evaluate your wardrobe. Are there items in your closet you haven’t worn in a year? If so, pull them out and try them on. If you don’t like how they look, it’s time to recycle. As they say, one woman’s garbage is another woman’s treasure! Thrifting has become very popular as we all become more aware of the amount of waste we produce unnecessarily. So, bundle up any items you have outgrown and donate them to a local thrift store, just don’t buy more than you drop off.



Every season has a range of clothing that fits our Canadian climate.We’re used to a few wardrobe changes periodically throughout the year. And, as a result, we know the value of good accessible storage, as well as the importance of good storage bins. Whether under the bed, up in the attic or down in the basement, shelving units, storage bags or racks, take time to find the best storage solution to fit your situation. Consider dropping an unused dryer sheet inside the storage container to keep clothes smelling fresh for months.