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3 Ideas for Storing Pots and Pans More Effectively


Not the sexiest items in the kitchen but definitely the most essential, our pots and pans are the meat and potatoes of kitchen equipment. Used to prepare most meals, they come in every shape and size. Small, medium, large and extra large. Square, rectangle or round. The average household has at least 4 or 5 pots and any number of pans. Storing these items can take up a lot of space, which can be a challenge in a small space. Here are a few suggestions for stashing pots and pans successfully.


Hang ‘Em

Our first suggestion may require that you think outside the box. Forget about your existing storage space and look up. Hanging pots on a pot rack not only creates new storage but can also be quite stylish. A ceiling rack can be hung over your stove, above your kitchen island or in an area that is off to the side and out of the way. If you choose a design that hangs on the wall it too can be a big space saver, opening up more cabinet space for other important storage items in your kitchen.


Slide ‘Em

Renovated or new kitchens tend to opt for large kitchen drawers over lower kitchen cupboards. This helps with organization and keeping clutter at a minimum. Large drawers allow for easy access as you can see all your pots and pans when the drawer is open and eliminates the need to bend awkwardly to get to the back of the cupboard. If you don’t have drawers, racks can be found at your local hardware store that slide in and out of your lower kitchen cupboards just like a drawer. 


File ‘Em

Looking to find a solution to manage loose lids? Installing a piece of dowling or a tension rod in the front of your pot drawer (about an inch in) creates a space where lids can stand. Another great idea, if you have the space, is to place a simple dish rack in your cupboard or drawer. A dish rack meant for holding many pieces of cookware at once as they dry is just as useful underneath the counter. Simply slide pot lids into each space. Placing them from smallest to largest is most effective.

Lastly, how about a pot and pan audit, maybe you have too many. Pans that are used less frequently can be stored further away or even in another room. And, those that are rarely used could be repurposed or taken to your local thrift shop.