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No one likes clutter – it increases stress and makes your home uncomfortable physically and psychologically. And for many, decluttering is a chore that is easier said than done. That’s why we love decluttering strategies that are easy to implement and maintain. Enter the Tidy Toss method, an innovative approach for those who want a more organized space without the overwhelm.

The Tidy Toss flips the script on traditional decluttering. In this closet edition, meticulous folding and sorting every single item shifts gears into quick containment. Here’s how it works:

Gather Your Containers

Grab baskets, bins or drawers—anything that can hold your belongings.

Categorize Loosely

Divide your items into broad categories like “workout clothes,” “scarves,” or “swim wear.”

The Magic Toss

Simply toss your items into their designated containers. No need for intricate folding or painstaking organization.

The beauty of the Tidy Toss lies in its simplicity. It may not follow traditional clutter-free guidelines, but it creates a functional and organized space that’s easy to maintain. Which in turn can have a very beneficial impact on your daily routine!

A Great Time Saver

Forget hours spent folding! This method is quick and efficient, perfect for busy schedules.

Reduces Stress

No pressure to create a Pinterest-worthy display. The focus is on functionality, not aesthetics.

Easy to Adopt

Throwing clothes in a basket is far less daunting than meticulously folding and refolding every single item of clothes.

Feeling fancy? Once you’ve mastered the Tidy Toss, you can incorporate it within a colour-coded system for an extra touch of visual appeal with different colour bins or colourful tags.


Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash