3 Tips to Wow your Garage Sale Crowd this Year's featured image

Garage sale season is on our doorsteps! But this year, you’ve got to get an early-early start because Marie Kondo has sparked a global purging trend (for more organization tips from Marie Kondo, see our blog here), which means your garage sale might have steeper than usual competition. Follow these garage sale organization tips from our cleaning service experts at MOLLY MAID to stand out from the crowd:

Early Bird Academy

Whether it’s your first or hundredth garage sale, the golden rule is this:  BE THE FIRST! The moment winter finally tucks itself away, starving garage sale hunters hit the streets desperate for other people’s treasures while searching for juicy deals. If yours is the first garage sale buffet on the street, you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank at day’s end.

Advertising 101

These days, there are free advertising opportunities everywhere you look!  Think online, offline and phone line. Post on Facebook community groups, Twitter, Kijiji, Instagram and your blog. You can use platforms such as Craigslist, eBay and Trash Nothing. Put flyers up at the library, cafés and on every lamppost in your area. Local newspapers also sell ad space for just pennies. Use your phone to text and/or call everyone you know and encourage your friends and family to spread the news!

Cleanest of Them All!

Here comes the secret sauce:  you MUST clean, buff, dust, iron, repair and mend your merchandise. No one wants to buy your moldy, smelly or coffee stained basement junk. Every single cleaning effort you make behind-the-scenes will translate into money in your pocket.

PRO TIP: Think Like a Pop-up Boutique

You can’t just put your items out in banker’s boxes and expect people to dig for your gold. Hang dresses and business suits on clothing stands or portable wardrobes. Hang winter coats from standing coat racks. Line up boots and shoes on shoe racks and display them by size or style. Lay belts out on tablecloth-covered tables, play nice music and offer snacks. Garage sale customers are walking around with money to burn, so use every merchandise trick you can dream up to entice them! For more space saving tips, read our blog here on 12 things you can donate now!

Now that you have freed up space in your home, it’s time to get serious about spring cleaning this year. Contact us today to find your local MOLLY MAID and waste no time on getting your home thoroughly clean and in order for this spring, or any time of the year!



Photo by Artem Bali