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Avoid these 3 Cleaning Traps & Clean Smarter


Time and efficiency are the goals of all our cleaning efforts. It’s important to do a good job, but also to get it done as quickly as possible so you can get back to enjoying life. But we all know that good intentions can be sidelined when bad habits interfere with household chores. Breathe easy, we’ve identified three cleaning traps that may be hampering your cleaning efforts each and every day – shake them off and start cleaning smarter!


Not staying on top of paper clutter



Clutter is sneaky! Before you know it, a clear surface can quickly accumulate stuff. Mail is a daily offender. Then there’s the emptying of pockets at the end of the day that results in a pile of receipts and the odd post-it note. Throw in the latest copy of your favourite fashion rag, papers from work, and a growing pile of kid art, and it all ends up piling up if you don’t have a plan.


Using a room for the wrong purpose


Eating in front of the TV on a Saturday night can be fun, but don’t fall down the rabbit hole and make it routine. This can quickly become a cleaning trap that just adds to your list of chores. Why? Because all that stuff you’ve brought into the TV room now has to be taken back. It’s also not built for that activity. Upholstered chairs, pillows and carpet do not mix with food, they simply invite tough stains that are hard to remove (again, adding another chore to your list).


Letting mess accumulate


Procrastination is the biggest hurdle in keeping a home clean. The dirty dishes you left in the sink at lunch aren’t going to clean themselves. In fact, the longer they’re left in the sink the more of a challenge they’ll be to clean (think: oatmeal). Don’t let dishes in the kitchen, muddy shoes by the front door or laundry accumulate. Clean as you go!


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