4 Fundamental Rules to Keeping a Tidy Desk's featured image

There are infinite articles and videos online showing you how to keep your desk tidy. Solutions, hacks, and systems to reduce clutter abound with the aim to make you more efficient, have a cleaner home and appear more professional. These all have their merits and are not to be dismissed, however, these four simple rules are all it really takes to create order and function in your office space!


1. Streamline Office Supplies

These days we seem to need less and less office supplies. Rarely do we reach for a stapler, tape dispenser or 3-hole punch. Office supply overload is unnecessary with so many documents living in the “cloud.” Take advantage of these advances. Limit desk items to a few pens and a notebook – chances are you won’t need much more.

2. Make Space for a Multitasking Message Board

A message board ramps up efficiency and appeal at any desk space. Not only does it act as a quick reference guide for important appointments, to-do lists and those ideas you don’t want to forget, it also serves as a visual muse that boosts creativity. Look for one with both a whiteboard and a pegboard to keep documents off your desk.

3. Have a Trash Can Within Reach

This rule is an important one. Make sure that you can easily reach the trash can from your chair. Keeping your desk free of clutter needs to be an easy task for you to maintain it. You don’t want the temptation to play trashcan paper toss to eliminate waste—unless you’re Kawahi Leonard! But, even then, easy access to your garbage receptacle is imperative to keeping your desk tidy.

4. Clean Your Desk Daily

Once your desk is clean and free of clutter, keep it that way. Put items back where they belong as you use them. When not in use, pens belong in cup holders, mugs should be taken back to the kitchen, and books placed upon a shelf. Have a box of wet wipes in a drawer so that you can wipe your desk clean at the end of each day. And, don’t forget to take out the trash!


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