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5 Clever Sponge Hacks


Although we recommend using a microfibre cloth for all your cleaning needs, there may be a few times a common kitchen sponge comes in handy. The glory of a sponge is its ability to be modified. These DIY sponge gadgets make light work of some awkward household chores. The results are amazing!


Window Magic

Place your sponge** on the track of the window you are going to clean. With a pen, mark off where the tracks hit the sponge. Cut along these track lines with an Exacto knife, making sure not to cut all the way through the sponge but as close to the abrasive side as possible. That’s it. This is the tool. Now when you clean your windows, this sponge will easily wedge between the tracks to clean out any guck that has collected there. This is also a great way to clean oven racks and BBQ grills.

Dust-free Blinds

Take a sponge and turn it so you’re looking at the short end. Then cut a slit in the bottom of the sponge, like you’re making a finger puppet out of it (about 2 inches deep). Slip the prong of one of your metal tongs inside. Now take another sponge and do the same to the other prong, so that now your metal tongs have a sponge on each end. You’ve just created the perfect tool for cleaning your blinds and ceiling fans.


Long Neck Solution

Cut your sponge vertically and horizontally (like a checkerboard) stopping just before the abrasive side, so you now have a sponge that’s cut into sections but still attached. Roll the sponge (abrasive side in) and secure with an elastic band. Sponge should now look more like a brush with knobby square bits of sponge sticking out on every side. Stick two chopsticks into the elastic for handles. Now you have a great gadget for cleaning deep down into those hard to reach spots of a flower vase or bottle.


DIY Nail Polish Remover

Roll and stuff two sponges (abrasive side out) into a small jar with a lid. A recycled dijon mustard jar or mini mason jar works well. If necessary, you can cut the sponge smaller to fit the jar. Fill with nail polish remover so that the sponges become saturated and it’s ready for use. Just slip fingers one at a time between rolled sponges to remove polish easily.


**All of these modifications use the common household sponge that is one side sponge and the other abrasive. Often yellow and green, you can find them at your local grocery or dollar store.

Image by Henryk Niestrój from Pixabay