5 Reasons to Try Gardening in Pots this Summer's featured image

If you have limited outdoor space around your home, planting in pots or containers can be a great way to liven up your outdoor area. The professional residential cleaning experts at MOLLY MAID, list the following reasons as to why you should add some colour to our outside space this summer.

  1. Container Gardening can be Done on a Budget

You can use almost anything as a container when creating a potted garden. An old bucket found at a garage sale can make a great container for your gardening. Once you have selected a container, add a few drainage holes at the bottom of the bin, and then fill your container with soil. Visit your nearest grocery store or nursery to select your plant of choice. For only a few dollars, you can add some lovely colour to your small outdoor space!

  1. Container Gardening can be Done in Any Space

Even the smallest space can be enhanced by a potted garden. Beautiful flowers and vegetable gardens can be grown on fire escapes, in window boxes, on patios, decks and balconies. If your outdoor space is primarily in the shade, coloured coleus would be a great addition to your container garden as they do not require much sunlight. If your outdoor space is primarily in the sun, succulents such as Aloe and Cacti would be most beneficial to plant in your outdoor conditions.

  1. Container Gardening is a Great Summer Activity to do with your Children

Getting your children involved in container gardening this summer will help encourage your children to embrace the outdoors and learn some valuable gardening tips and tricks. Children are often more inclined to eat the vegetables they grow themselves. So, if you’re having a difficult time getting your children to eat their vegetables at dinner, try getting your children to grow them in a container garden. Children love the success and responsibility container gardens provide, and take pride, in being able to grow something their family can eat.

  1. You can Grow Almost Anything in a Container Garden

Almost any plant can be grown in a container garden. You can grow vegetables, herbs and even trees.

  1. Container Gardens are Easy to Maintain

Container gardens are very easy to maintain, especially for those who may not have much time for gardening. They can also be moved throughout your home according to your personal preference.

Happy Gardening!