The Easiest Way to Clean Your Grill

The Easiest Way to Clean Your Grill Cooking outside on the barbecue is one of the best things about summer. Whether it’s a steak, a hamburger, or portobello mushrooms, the seared taste of the grill can’t be beat! But it’s important to keep the grill clean, says Marla Milberg, cleaning expert at Molly Maid Toronto […]

The Summer of Gazpacho

The Summer of Gazpacho The word on the street this summer is that people are a little, a lot, burnt out when it comes to food shopping, food prepping and kitchen duties. Sure, in late winter and early spring it was fun learning to grow our sourdough scoobies, and expanding our culinary techniques. But summer’s […]

Road Trip Tips to Keep the Car Clean

Road Trip Tips to Keep the Car Clean Summer is a wonderful time to pack up and set out on the open road. And keeping your car clean and tidy during the long haul is key to a great adventure—whether you have a set destination or no destination at all. With this in mind, Vanessa […]

4 Unique Ways to Use A Pool Noodle

4 Unique Ways to Use A Pool Noodle The pool noodle hit beaches and backyards across Canada in the summer of 1980. And did you know it was invented right here in Canada? A relatively simple idea created by Steve Hartman, CEO and president of Industrial Thermal Polymers, it soon became an essential summer accessory. […]

Make Your Own Homemade Iced Capp

Make Your Own Homemade Iced Capp One fascinating thing that quarantine has revealed is that many of our take-out favourites can actually be made at home. Homemade artisanal breads opened the floodgates to the DIY revolution! Thanks to Google, we’ve learnt that a simple ‘how to’ inquiry can transform the average culinary novice into an […]

How to Protect Your Pets from Summer Pests

How to Protect Your Pets from Summer Pests For our four legged friends, summer is nothing but endless fun, with long hikes in the woods, squirrel chasing, frisbee catching, siestas in the shade of a tree, and swimming at the beach. But along with seasonal fun and relaxation comes the nuisance of summer pests. As […]

Summer Garden Clean-Up

Summer Garden Clean-Up   With travel still limited this summer, backyards across the country have become even more precious. Anyone with the luxury of their own space is making staycation plans which can range from no impact to high impact activities. You can read a book on a hammock, enjoy refreshing dips in the inground […]

Helpful Hacks for the Cottage

Helpful Hacks for the Cottage   Heading up to the cottage this weekend for a little sun and relaxation? These summertime hacks are sure to help.  HOMEMADE FIRE STARTERS Reconnect with your inner girl guide, boy scout or sea cadet to make the best homemade fire starter around. The main ingredient of this DIY is […]

Maintain a Picture-Perfect Porch

Maintain a Picture-Perfect Porch   Once the warm weather arrives, a front porch can increase your living space by several square feet.  All you need is a comfortable chair or two, or if you have the space, an iconic porch swing allows you to enjoy an early morning cup of coffee or a cool glass […]

Canada Day 2020: New Ways to Celebrate

Canada Day 2020: New Ways to Celebrate This Canada Day we can still celebrate, we just need to get creative given the social distancing rules in place. Parks are open, but instead of packing a picnic basket and heading to a shady tree, consider making a big splash at home. Sing the National Anthem When […]

The DOs and DON’Ts of Eating Outdoors

The DOs and DON’Ts of Eating Outdoors   With summer finally here, eating lunch or dinner out on the front porch, back deck, or around the pool have become a reality. With social distancing measures beginning to loosen, picnics in the park are soon to be another venue! Here are a few tips to eating […]

Sidewalk Chalk: So Joyful, So Easy to Clean!        

Sidewalk Chalk: So Joyful, So Easy to Clean! Looking for a family-friendly, low-mess, and inexpensive summer activity? Think chalk art! Getting creative with sidewalk chalk is fun for kids young and old, all you need is a bit of sidewalk, interlocking bricks or playground space. Popular designs include flowers, rainbows, butterflies, smiley faces and hopscotch […]

How to Minimize the Wardrobe Switch from Summer to Fall

Learn how to minimize the amount of work that goes into switching your wardrobe from summer to fall with these fabulous tips from Molly Maid!

How to Plan Your Cleanest Camping Trip Ever!

Enjoy your next camping trip to the fullest by keeping your site clean and organized! Follow these expert tips from your local MOLLY MAID

How to Clean Campfire Ash off your Favourite Pair of Pants

Love camping? Follow our tips for getting ashes out of your fave pair of pants! Contact Molly Maid to schedule your summer cleaning!

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