Stargazing in August is Going to be Spectacular!'s featured image

Whether you’re a seasoned astronomer or a casual stargazer, the night sky can transcend us beyond our everyday worries to a place of wonder and possibilities. This month, the annual Perseid meteor shower is set to light up the sky from July 14 to September 1, you do not want to miss it!

One of the most beloved meteor showers in the Northern Hemisphere, the August Perseid meteors are colourful and frequently leave persistent trains making them easy to catch. This meteor shower rises to a peak gradually, then falls off rapidly. Experts agree the night of Saturday, August 12th should show the best activity for the Perseid meteor shower, especially on the morning of the 13th. The following two nights, August 13 & 14 should be good too, but as meteor rates naturally fall, the shower radiant will be lower and it’ll be best before midnight (Universal Time). Invite friends and family to celebrate this celestial marvel together.

Pick a Good Site

Try to find a location that offers as wide a view of the sky as possible, free from obstructions such as tall buildings. If you live in an urban area this may be a bit trickier. And of course, light pollution will be higher in the city. If you can, head out of the city, go camping or to a cottage.

Gather Early (and Stay Really Late)

Invite friends and family early so as to set up and get settled before the show begins. Perseid meteors tend to strengthen in number as late night deepens into the wee hours of the morning, so prepare for a long night as the shower is often best before dawn.

Simply Stargaze

There will be a waning crescent moon up during the Perseid’s peak in 2023, which means it won’t be too bright and skywatchers may catch up to 90 meteors per hour or more, according to No need for a telescope, these meteors are visible to the naked eye!

Take a Shot

You won’t need binoculars, telescopes, or extreme magnification to take pictures of the Perseids. Just mount your camera on a solid surface or on a tripod and use a wide-angle lens. You’ll find more tips for great photos at

Relax and Enjoy

Don’t sweat the small stuff. The most important part of this gathering is to marvel at the meteor shower. Have a few sleeping bags and a thermos of hot cocoa on hand in case you pull an all-nighter.


Photo by Michał Mancewicz on Unsplash