Cottage Cleaning Hacks for a Weekend Escape's featured image

Want to ensure your cozy cottage getaway stays truly relaxing, with minimal cleaning throughout your stay? Just follow our checklists.

The 6 Golden Rules of Cottage Cleanliness

Here are 6 simple rules AKA cottage policies to make cottage chores fair and square.

1.The One-Wipe Policy

Train everyone to wipe up spills and drips immediately. This prevents messes from getting caked on and saves you major cleaning time later.

2. The Post-Meal Kitchen Blitz

After each meal, tackle the dishes right away. Wash them by hand or load them in the dishwasher. Wipe down counters and the stovetop to keep the kitchen from feeling overwhelming.

3. The Daily 10-Minute Tidy

Dedicate 10 minutes each morning to a quick tidy-up. Put away any belongings that have been left out, straighten furniture, and make the beds. This small effort goes a long way in keeping the cottage feeling fresh.

4. The Garbage Wrangle

Place small wastebaskets in areas where trash tends to accumulate, like the kitchen, bathrooms and living room. This encourages everyone to throw things away instead of leaving them lying around.

5.Only One Laundry Basket

No matter how big your family is, designate only one laundry basket for dirty towels and clothes. This prevents them from becoming  eyesores piled on chairs, sofas or bedroom floors.

6. The Fan Trick

Before heading out for adventures, open windows and turn on ceiling fans. This circulates fresh air and helps remove any lingering cooking smells.

Ultimate Checklist for Your Next Visit

  • Strip the Beds. Take all the linens with you to launder at home. This prevents musty smells and cuts down on cleaning time at the next visit.
  • Wipe Down Surfaces. Give all surfaces a quick wipe-down to remove any dust or crumbs left behind.
  • Empty the Fridge. Throw away any expired food and give the shelves a quick wipe.
  • Take Out the Trash. Don’t leave any garbage behind! Otherwise it’ll make the next visit unbearable (and attract unwanted pests!).
  • Stock Up on Essentials. Stock up on enough dish soap, laundry detergent, toilet paper, and paper towels to last your entire stay. Who wants to disrupt relaxation with a mid-weekend trip to the store?