5 Simple Ways to Keep your Hotel Room Tidy's featured image

Whether you’re a family of four or a solo traveler, living out of a suitcase for more than a couple of nights can get messy. Even with daily hotel housekeeping on your side, you need to put some rules and systems into place. Here’s our tips:

Hang it up!

The closed-loop hangers provided at most hotels are brilliant space savers. With their double-duty ability, you can hang pants or jeans plus a jacket or blouse on one hook, which is great when there’s only a few drawers to store your clothing. Never hesitate to ask for extra hangers, housekeeping will gladly provide as many as you need.

Re-arrange the Furniture

If traveling with young children you can make some space by pushing their cot lengthwise, right up against a wall, which will often give you an extra couple feet. If you’re staying at a resort, you may want to put extra bulky rattan chairs on the balcony, which will also give you more space to move around. If you like to read in bed, and the nightstand lamp’s not bright enough, bring over the floor lamp.

Create a Dirty Laundry System

Always pack one large drawstring trash bag per person. When you arrive, place one bag in the bathroom and another in the closet, so all the dirty clothes are contained. At the end of the trip, sort these two bags into everyone’s individual trash bags and pack. And remember, if you have a clothing emergency, hotel laundry services are a fabulous resource.

Place the Wastebaskets Where you Want

It’s such a tiny thing, but it can make a huge difference. People on business travel may prefer the garbage bin under the desk because it’s where they spend the most time. However, a family of four may want it closer to the door, near the shoes, to toss garbage on your way in and out of the room. Make the room as liveable as you need.

Enforce a No-shoe Policy 

Nothing spreads more germs on carpets than outdoor shoes. Keep in mind that hotel housekeeping doesn’t vacuum your room daily. If you don’t like being barefoot, pack slippers or a pair of indoor shoes to wear inside the room.


(Photo by English Journalists)