Embrace the #SundayReset: Why It’s Essential for Your Week Ahead

In a world that’s constantly on the move, taking a day to reset and recharge is essential. Enter the #SundayReset, a trending hashtag that encourages people to make the most of their Sundays. Why is this trend gaining so much traction? Here are 5 compelling reasons why #SundayReset is crucial for your well-being: Mental Rejuvenation […]

The Science Behind Most Common Household Cleaning Products

Ever marvel at how a spritz of your favourite household cleaner can make grubby kitchen counters spotless? What about in the bathroom? While it may seem magical, in reality, it’s simply science. But that doesn’t make it any less magical. To really understand what’s happening when we clean. We need to grasp some of the […]

Tree Pollen Set to Peak this Month

6 Housecleaning Tips to Ease Expected Pollen Bomb: Due to a colder spring, experts are warning of a combined release of tree and grass pollen this month. If you’re an allergy sufferer, here’s how to survive.

How to Clean After the Flu

Hopefully, you will sneak through winter without ever being under the weather but be prepared if illness does strike. We’ve pulled together some helpful cleaning tips to sanitize your home post-flu.

Creative Natural Gnat Trap for your Home

Fruit flies and gnats can be a pest this time of year. Before you reach for the apple cider vinegar and dish soap, why not try a new trick? This trap is much more pleasing to the eye! How to Build the Best Fruit Fly Trap Teeny tiny but oh so irritating, we’ve entered the […]

How to Mould-Proof Your Home this Summer

How to Mould-Proof Your Home this Summer   What are the first five things you love about summer? Spending time at the beach, weekends at the cottage, immersing yourself in a book poolside, warm summer nights spent with family and friends or dropping the kids off at camp. Betcha didn’t say mould. Yet, the risk […]

Plogging: The Eco-Friendly Way to Jog

Plogging: The Eco-Friendly Way to Jog   Sweden is the most sustainable country in the world. Among one of the top ten globally respected countries in the Environmental Performance Index (for over a decade) with exceptionally clean air, clean water, and low emissions. Sweden sets a new standard to be admired and matched by other […]

7 Cleaning Habits to Manage Asthma Triggers

7 Cleaning Habits to Manage Asthma Triggers   If you have asthma, or live with someone with asthma, cleaning your house is a little less straightforward. Aside from dust and mold, a less obvious concern is chemical sprays and perfumes. You may find some products in your cleaning arsenal that need to be replaced. Here […]

Boost Your Cleaning Routine with Spotify’s Cleaning Kit Playlist

Boost Your Cleaning Routine with Spotify’s Cleaning Kit Playlist   We asked our Molly Maid cleaning crew in Oakville for some professional cleaning tips, and were surprised with their immediate answer: a good playlist. Specifically, they turnto Spotify’s Cleaning Kit, a 100-song playlist that’s just over six hours long! It’s loaded with today’s hits, […]

Zero Waste To-Go Kit Essentials

Zero Waste To-Go Kit Essentials   Self-contained and sustainable, a zero waste travel kit is not only eco-friendly but a way to keep germs contained. Build one for every member of your family. It’s simple. Just start with a reusable bag and go from there. While most items are standard, each kit can be personalized. […]

Self Care Should Be Part of Your Daily Routine

Self Care Should Be Part of Your Daily Routine     Keeping the space we call home clean and well maintained is a priority we can all agree on. We know the importance of replacing the filter on the furnace and changing the batteries in the smoke detectors. Lists of household chores are made and […]

Seasonal Scents for your Home

Seasonal Scents for your Home   Our olfactory senses are powerful. A quick whiff can trigger a memory or evoke seasonal ambience in seconds. Fall, in particular, has some distinct aromas. Essential oils with hints of cinnamon, cloves, bergamot and cranberry, instantly fill your home with the smells of freshly baked pie and warm apple […]

A Simple Guide to Eco-Friendly Cleaning

A Simple Guide to Eco-Friendly Cleaning   Eco-friendly cleaning, also called green cleaning, simply means cleaning without the use of toxic chemicals – no bleach, no antibacterial soap, no aerosol air fresheners and no ammonia. It’s cleaning with kindness to those you live with (people and pets) and the world at large. Making the switch […]

Getting Your Pet Ready for Autumn

Getting Your Pet Ready for Autumn   Nothing beats a walk on a sunny day in October. The crisp cool air and the crunch of fallen leaves underfoot is magical for people and their pets. As the temperatures dip, sweaters are pulled from storage and socks and shoes replace sandals. Seasonal tweaks to our routine […]

6 Sun-sational Ice Cube Hacks

Hack the Ice Cube

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