Tree Pollen Set to Peak this Month's featured image

Allergy sufferers beware: this month isn’t going to be kind. While a colder start to spring delayed allergy triggers, it just means they’ve multiplied. This time of year, each month typically roles out a new allergen. Tree pollen is released in the spring, grass in the summer, and ragweed in the fall. However, meteorologists across the country warn of a possible pollen explosion this month, as the weather gets warmer prompting tree and grass pollen to be released into the air together – a double whammy!

Allergy symptoms can be debilitating and interfere with work, study, and social life, and play havoc with medication. So, what can you do about it? The cleaning experts at Molly Maid Canada suggest adopting the following habits.

  • Pollen grains tend to settle and not remain airborne for too long, so focus on keeping pollen from coming indoors. Pollen counts are highest at night and first thing in the morning, so keep windows shut then.
  • Use an allergy air purifier to effectively capture pollen from the air.
  • Don’t dry clothes outside during the pollen season, as they will simply collect pollen grains and bring them inside.
  • Similarly, change your clothes and wash your hair when you come in from work.
  • Brush pets thoroughly when they come indoors to remove any pollen that clings to their fur. Pets can be allergic too! Watch for obsessive itching. You may need to wash them more regularly or talk to your vet about allergy medication.
  • Vacuum several times per week with a vacuum featuring a HEPA filter, this will help trap pollen particles and other allergy-inducing grime.

The good news is that all the yellow dust seeping into every nook and cranny means summer’s on the way! So, keep up with your cleaning efforts this month— good times are around the corner!