Boost Your Cleaning Routine with Spotify’s Cleaning Kit Playlist's featured image

Boost Your Cleaning Routine with Spotify’s Cleaning Kit Playlist


We asked our Molly Maid cleaning crew in Oakville for some professional cleaning tips, and were surprised with their immediate answer: a good playlist. Specifically, they turnto Spotify’s Cleaning Kit, a 100-song playlist that’s just over six hours long! It’s loaded with today’s hits, 90’s pop, soft rock, and hard hitting bangers to keep you feeling upbeat and inspired. But don’t stop there, search ‘housework’ or ‘cleaning’ for more playlist options, including Spotify’sHousework  and a wholewhack of lists created by Spotify subscribers.
Don’t just take it from us, a recent survey found that 94% of people who listen to music while they clean reported positive feelings. Parents are 85% more likely to be musicalcleaners, vs. 77% of non-parents. They’re also 92% more likely under the age of 40, vs.
65% of those who are 40-plus. Furthermore, half (52%) of those who listen to music while they clean say they either have a special playlist designated for cleaning, or thatmusic is important to their cleaning routine.

Looking to entice family members to help with household chores? The survey showed that music is the key! Much like the pied piper, those surveyed said once they turned up the volume, their children (33%) and other family members (91%) joined in the effort. As for specific tasks, 67% said that jamming to music made kitchen tasks the most enjoyable, followed closely by cleaning floors.