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In our humble opinion, kitchen knives are the most misunderstood items in the kitchen. Instead of being treated as the works of art they are, they’re relegated to the same drudgery imposed on utilitarian cutlery. Kitchen knives need daily pampering, but it’s not the hard work you think it is.


Kitchen Knives Need Quick Showers

If you buy your kitchen knives from a reputable kitchen knife shop, the first thing they’ll tell you is to resist putting your bladed beauties in the dishwasher or soaking them in the sink. Instead, wash and dry as you go. After chopping your food, hand wash your knife using a soft cloth or soft kitchen scrubber and a drop of gentle soap. Rinse thoroughly, dry and put away.


Kitchen Knives Need Alone Time

Kitchen knives need to be protected from bangs and dents, and you need to protect yourself and family members from their sharp blades. The knives themselves can be very pricey, but luckily their storage devices won’t break the bank. Storage options can range from a magnet strip, knife block, knife tray, or blade guard.


Kitchen Knives Need Cutting Boards

The other thing you’ll hear from a reputable kitchen knife specialist is that you need to use a cutting board when chopping, slicing and dicing. If you chop on a metal, marble, granite or concrete countertop you risk damaging your knife blade – not to mention scratching the surface of your counter. Kitchen knives are more fragile than you think, and chopping on hard surfaces will cause them a lot of damage.


Kitchen Knives Need Infrequent Sharpening

It seems like we went from a generation of kitchen knife owners who only owned dull knives, to a generation who over-sharpen their knives. We can likely blame the popularity of cooking shows in the last decade to the overzealous sharpening happening across Canada. If you’re not sure what your kitchen knife blade’s needs are, get a professional involved.


Kitchen Knives Only Need Food

Don’t use the handle of your kitchen knife in place of a hammer; don’t use its blade to open a metal-sealed screw cap that won’t open; and don’t use the blade tip as a make-shift screwdriver. Make this your mantra: I will only use my kitchen knives for food preparation. Many professional kitchen supply stores offer knife sharpening for a small fee.

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Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash