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Staying in your home as you get older or “aging in place” can be a challenge but what most of us want to do. A few home updates will help make your home safer as well as in-home services.

Simple Home Improvements for Seniors

Over the next 20 years, Canada’s senior population is expected to grow by 68%. As people age, staying in their own homes is the choice of many, and making it safe is a priority. Falls account for more than half of all injuries to Canadians 65 years of age and older. Approximately 20 to 30% of Canadian seniors experience one fall each year. So, we went to the healthcare innovator experts at Closing the Gap Healthcare for some tips on simple home improvements for elderly occupants.

Remove Hazards
Declutter your house to prevent the risk of falling. Remove throw rugs or secure them in place to keep them from slipping. Consider discarding old furniture to create more of an open space.

Electric Cords
Remove damaged or frayed electrical cords. Make sure electric cords are tucked away as they are a tripping hazard. Consider installing more outlets to eliminate the need for extension cords.

Assess the Lighting
Your house should be well-lit to prevent injuries. Add new lighting fixtures in dimly lit areas and consider installing motion detection lights so they’ll turn on and off automatically.

Stair Safety
Both sides of the stairway should have firmly anchored handrails. The stairway should be well lit and the steps should have a non-skid surface.

Bathroom Accessibility
Handheld showers are easier to use, especially with a bath seat. It’s also useful to install grab bars and poles beside your shower or toilet to help you lower yourself.

Seek Help
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