Don’t Let Your Fire Fizzle Out: The Importance of Fire Pit Maintenance

The backyard fire pit is a beacon of warmth, a gathering place for stories and s’mores and the undisputed champion of cozy backyard vibes. But just like your favourite cast iron skillet, fire pits need a little TLC to stay in tip-top shape. Why Maintain Your Fire Pit? It’s simple: proper maintenance keeps your fire […]

Need to Get Rid of Skunk Scent?

Encountering a skunk’s nostril-biting spray is an unfortunate experience. Whether your curious pet had an accidental encounter or you stumbled upon a skunk while out on an evening walk, the distinctive odour can quickly infiltrate your surroundings. But fear not! There really are tried-and-true methods to bid farewell to skunk scents and reclaim your airspace. […]

Summer’s Worst Guests: How to Deal with August Bugs

As August arrives, so do a crew of new bugs; from pesky mosquitoes to persistent flies and beetles, these insects can quickly make outdoor activities almost unbearable. But, with some simple techniques, you can enjoy the last days of summer while minimizing the annoyance caused by August bugs. Keep Your Space Clean Bugs are attracted […]

Camp Essentials Every Kids Needs

Camp Essentials Every Kids Needs   Summer camps are back! Families across the country are shopping and packing, eager to finally get the kids to camp. With far-reaching benefits, summer camp can make a positive impact on the rest of a child’s life. From the new friends they’ll meet, to the life skills they’ll learn, […]

Molly Maid's Book

A clean house has never been so simple!

The MOLLY MAID Cleaning Handbook is full of easy cleaning methods, tips and advice. Cleaning can be fast and simple; from tackling the clutter to scrubbing the bathtub, the cleaning experts at MOLLY MAID will be with you every step of the way. With a system as efficient as MOLLY MAID, you’ll have plenty of time left over to enjoy your sparkling home.