Green Solutions for Getting rid of Broken Glass

Recycling is a minimal yet significant way of contributing to a more sustainable planet. One material that’s particularly amenable to recycling is glass. Its endless recyclability offers a great opportunity to reduce our environmental footprint and conserve resources. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps of recycling glass while shedding light on Toronto’s […]

3 Ways Lemons Can Help Keep a Shower Clean!

The range of shower cleaning products is vast! But, if you’re looking for an easier option that smells good and looks great, head to the kitchen and grab a lemon. Yep, it’s that easy! Cleaning with lemons is a great way to get rid of mineral deposits and hard water stains. The acid in lemon […]

How to Keep Your White Sneakers White (and other Secrets)

White sneakers have a clean and fresh appearance that makes them the perfect footwear for summer. Incredibly versatile, white sneakers are a classic choice that pairs well with shorts, skirts, dresses, or jeans. However, keeping those pristine kicks looking fresh can be quite a challenge, especially with all the outdoor activities and potential stains lurking […]

Declutter and Simplify Your Life

Escape our society’s obsession with constant consumerism by decluttering all your spaces. It can have a profound impact on your well-being and overall happiness. Remember: the goal isn’t perfection, it’s progress—toward a simpler, more meaningful life. To help you embark on this transformative journey, we’ve compiled a list of 100 things you can get rid […]

Buh Bye Dry Hands! Here are the Secrets to Soft Hands

Stop Punishing Your Hands When You Clean
Say goodbye to dryness and irritation, and keep your hands soft and protected throughout your cleaning routine with some tips from MOLLY MAID.

Dollar Store Organization Hacks

Getting organized doesn’t have to be costly. We found many amazing organizational hacks using a few items at your local dollar store! Getting Organized on a Budget Do you struggle to keep organized? Sometimes staying on top of clutter can seem like a 24-hour, never-ending chore. While a regular cleaning routine is the first step, […]

Organize Your Closet Like a Kardashian

Swapping out shorts and tees for bulky sweaters and jeans is not an easy task. It takes skill to do it well, and a few tips from the pros like Kim K doesn’t hurt. Refresh Your Closet Like the Hollywood Elite Superstar Kim Kardashian started her rise to fame by organizing closets. It’s true. Years […]

The Best Step-by-Step Guide to Canning

There’s a crispness in the air that tells us to prepare for winter. Have you felt it? If so, grab your apron and follow us into the kitchen to preserve this summer’s harvest! How to Take the Taste of Summer into Winter Have you noticed how busy squirrels are this time of year? Preparations for […]

How to Clean A Waffle Iron

We bought a waffle maker for my husband on Father’s Day. It’s been used every weekend since. Any tips for keeping it clean? You asked, and we answered! It’s easy with a few tips from MOLLY MAID Canada. Gadgets like a waffle iron can transform breakfast from the ordinary to the extraordinary – until it’s […]

5 Strategies for a Successful Return to School

5 Strategies for a Successful Return to School   In a few short weeks, kids will be heading back to school! Backpacks, lunch bags, sneakers and notebooks will be hauled out of storage or bought new to be labeled and organized for the first day. This fall promises kids a full school experience, so make […]

7 Steps to Minimize Pet Mess on Floors

7 Steps to Minimize Pet Mess on Floors   Post-covid pet ownership is on the rise. A recent survey shows that 73% of all Canadian households now have a pet, more than 15% pre-covid! Life is better with a furry friend, but they’re also notorious for getting dirty. From piles of fur to muddy paw […]

New Ways to Improve Your Recycling System

New Ways to Improve Your Recycling System   Recycling has been a focus for eco-conscious Canadians for over 40 years. Surprised? Well, we’ve come a long way and much has changed during that time. Knowledge has been gained, systems improved and some manufacturers have come on board. Yet the urgency to reduce waste is still […]

Even a Toddler Can Be Taught Good Table Manners

Even a Toddler Can Be Taught Good Table Manners   Food is an amazing toy for toddlers. Much of what you serve them is squeezed, dropped, and flicked all over the place, in turn it hardens and dries into the high chair’s seams, behind cushions and between straps. It gets super messy fast! Keeping a […]

Corn Off the Cob in Under a Minute!

Corn Off the Cob in Under a Minute!   Dripping in butter, with a sprinkle of salt, a hint of spice or straight up as it was picked, fresh corn on the cob can’t be beat. But, if you’re one of the many who find this Canadian delicacy too messy or prefer it off the […]

How to Mould-Proof Your Home this Summer

How to Mould-Proof Your Home this Summer   What are the first five things you love about summer? Spending time at the beach, weekends at the cottage, immersing yourself in a book poolside, warm summer nights spent with family and friends or dropping the kids off at camp. Betcha didn’t say mould. Yet, the risk […]

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