Essential Tips to Prep Your Garden for Success

Spring has sprung! If you haven’t already, it’s the perfect time to roll up your sleeves and get your garden ready for a blooming season! Looking for some professional advice on what you can and cannot do in the spring?  The Toronto Botanical Garden website is a fantastic resource with lots of horticultural tips. Clean […]

Sustainable Kitchen Shortcuts: Save Time, Money, and the Planet

We all know the struggle: You dream of whipping up gourmet meals every night, but between work, kids and the sheer exhaustion of modern life, frozen dinners can look mighty appealing. But what if you could be both sustainable and efficient in the kitchen? We think you can! Here at MOLLY MAID, we’re all about […]

How Soon is Too Soon for Spring Yard Clean-up?

How Soon is Too Soon for Spring Yard Clean-up?   With or without a green thumb, most of us are itching to get into the yard to clean up and prep flower beds for this year’s bounty. But wait! Working in the garden too soon can do more harm than good. Gardening in Canada can […]

Tis the Season to Update Your Home Decor

Tis the Season to Update Your Home Decor   There’s something about spring that’s so inspiring. A spring refresh doesn’t take much effort, you’d be surprised what a new coat of paint in the living room or a few new pillows on outdoor furniture will do to freshen up a space. Looking for some ideas […]

7 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

7 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day   Drive Less Good for the environment and your health, finding alternatives to taking the car helps to reduce your carbon footprint. That’s why cities around the world continue to install bike lanes and set up bike-share programs. Fewer cars means less pollution. It’s that easy. Grow Something Planting […]

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