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7 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day


Drive Less

Good for the environment and your health, finding alternatives to taking the car helps to reduce your carbon footprint. That’s why cities around the world continue to install bike lanes and set up bike-share programs. Fewer cars means less pollution. It’s that easy.

Grow Something

Planting a seed offers so many more rewards than just digging in the dirt. It’s the idea and the hope that you actually can do something to help the environment. Trees prevent soil erosion, are vital in maintaining and regulating most water cycles, and help check global warming by using carbon dioxide in photosynthesis.

Skip the Plastic

A study released last year estimates that Canadians use close to 15 billion plastic bags every year! No wonder, plastic is polluting our rivers, lakes, and oceans, harming wildlife, and generating microplastics in the water we use and drink. Time to always use reusable bags.

Buy Gently Worn Vintage

Every second, the equivalent of one garbage truck of textiles is landfilled or burned. It’s time to make more responsible purchasing decisions when it comes to your clothes.  Check out used clothing sites like Poshmark, find a local consignment store in your area, or host a clothes swap with friends.

Make Art From Recycled Materials

Gather extra buttons, beads, shells, used jars, cans, fabric scraps, and pieces of yarn! Make a picture, a bookmark, or some jewelry – nothing is off-limits. Just google recyclable projects, or check out Pinterest, to find an endless list of ideas.

Green up Your Cleaning

Replace store-bought cleaning products with some eco-friendly DIY recipes. Greening your cleaning routine has many benefits. Not only will it save you money, but it will also reduce the number of harsh chemicals in your home and may help save the planet!

Get Outdoors

Perhaps the best way to celebrate Earth Day is to take in the natural beauty that surrounds us. Find some green space near you and breathe deeply. An appreciation of how special the earth is will motivate us to protect and preserve it.

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