Kid-friendly No Mess Easter Egg Decorating

Ditch the traditional dye cups, we’ve found a better way to decorate eggs this Easter. No more dye-stained fingers that last longer than the chocolate left by the Easter Bunny. No more splatters on the kitchen table, walls, or, somehow, the ceiling. It’s true! This year, we’re shaking things up – literally – with a […]

Getting Work-Life Balance Right for the Whole Family

With children back at school and parents at work, finding the balance between work and household chores can make the difference between a happy and strained family. The answer? Getting the whole family involved – even the kids. By delegating tasks,  you will feel less stressed and have more time to spend with the family. […]

How to Clean a Sticky Peanut Butter Jar and Magically Make Dinner!

Peanut butter lovers know the struggle of trying to clean out a sticky peanut butter (PB) jar for recycling or reuse. But, we’ve found a way to leave that frustration in the past! This amazing cleaning hack will have you looking forward to an empty jar. It’s oh so simple! Not only will you master […]

Easy Chores for Your Teens

Feel Good & Tech-Infused Chores for Teens
Teens dread chores, but it’s still important that they help around the house. These 3 tasks are perfectly safe for the over-twelve crowd.

8 Delicious Bento Box Lunch Creations

The dreaded school lunch doesn’t have to be so boring. Ditch the sandwich for something new. A bento box brings a world of wonder to the lunch room. Simple Bento Box Lunch Solutions Sick of sandwiches? We hear ya. So, change it up and create a different kind of lunch. While not a new food […]

5 Strategies for a Successful Return to School

5 Strategies for a Successful Return to School   In a few short weeks, kids will be heading back to school! Backpacks, lunch bags, sneakers and notebooks will be hauled out of storage or bought new to be labeled and organized for the first day. This fall promises kids a full school experience, so make […]

Even a Toddler Can Be Taught Good Table Manners

Even a Toddler Can Be Taught Good Table Manners   Food is an amazing toy for toddlers. Much of what you serve them is squeezed, dropped, and flicked all over the place, in turn it hardens and dries into the high chair’s seams, behind cushions and between straps. It gets super messy fast! Keeping a […]

Camp Essentials Every Kids Needs

Camp Essentials Every Kids Needs   Summer camps are back! Families across the country are shopping and packing, eager to finally get the kids to camp. With far-reaching benefits, summer camp can make a positive impact on the rest of a child’s life. From the new friends they’ll meet, to the life skills they’ll learn, […]

A Salute to the Egg this Easter Weekend

A Salute to the Egg this Easter Weekend   Eggs are one of the most versatile foods out there. Self-packaged in a thin hard shell, an egg can be scrambled, fried, poached, boiled, baked, deviled, or made into sous-vide. They’re really quite amazing! So we’ve decided to put the spotlight on eggs this month and […]

6 Reasons to Outsource your Cleaning

6 Reasons to Outsource your Cleaning   Of the many chores that keep you inside, cleaning doesn’t have to be one of them. Why not give yourself a break and call in the experts? You can schedule MOLLY MAID to come and clean your home once a week, twice a week or even once a […]

How to Get Your Kids to Clean Their Rooms in 4 Easy Steps

How to Get Your Kids to Clean Their Rooms in 4 Easy Steps   As we settle into the new norm of social distancing and a mishmash of in-school learning and the virtual classroom, it’s the perfect time to teach your child to clean their room, or to provide a refresher. Let’s be honest, they […]

Face Masks: This Year’s Back-to-School Essential

Face Masks: This Year’s Back-to-School Essential The first day of school is fast approaching, which means it’s time to make a game plan to keep our kids safe. One of the strategies proposed by school boards is that children over the age of 10 (grades 4-12) must wear a face mask. Luckily, it’s something kids […]

Helpful Hacks for the Cottage

Helpful Hacks for the Cottage   Heading up to the cottage this weekend for a little sun and relaxation? These summertime hacks are sure to help.  HOMEMADE FIRE STARTERS Reconnect with your inner girl guide, boy scout or sea cadet to make the best homemade fire starter around. The main ingredient of this DIY is […]

Sidewalk Chalk: So Joyful, So Easy to Clean!        

Sidewalk Chalk: So Joyful, So Easy to Clean! Looking for a family-friendly, low-mess, and inexpensive summer activity? Think chalk art! Getting creative with sidewalk chalk is fun for kids young and old, all you need is a bit of sidewalk, interlocking bricks or playground space. Popular designs include flowers, rainbows, butterflies, smiley faces and hopscotch […]

Household Chores to Help Your Child Grow

At some point, every parent wonders how old kids should be in order to start assigning weekly chores. Truth is, there is no magic number because kids mature at different rates. What might be appropriate for one child may be too much for another. What we know for sure is that helping out around the […]

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