Are you making these Four Cleaning Mistakes's featured image
  1. Using the same microfibre cloth to clean each room. It is important to use a different cleaning cloth in each room of your home. Using the same cloth to clean the kitchen, and then the family room for example, can lead to cross-contamination of germs and bacteria. Having a different coloured cleaning cloth for each room is recommended, to help keep your cloths organized.
  2. Using too much laundry detergent. If you think adding extra detergent to your load of laundry will result in cleaner clothing, think again! Using too much detergent can actually prevent stains from being removed in the wash. Consult your washing machine instruction manual to determine the ideal amount of detergent per load.
  3. Spraying cleaning solution directly onto the surface. Spraying cleaning solutions directly onto the surfaces in your home is not the most effective way to clean. Instead, spray cleaning solutions onto a microfibre cloth first, and then wipe surfaces clean. This will prevent solution build-up and increase the longevity of your cleaning solutions.
  4. Not wearing rubber gloves. Our skin is super-absorbent and will often soak up any solution that touches its surface. Even natural products can have a negative affect on our skin. To protect your skin, purchase a pair of cotton-lined rubber gloves to wear while you clean your home.