Autumn: The Perfect Time for a Spring Clean's featured image

It’s a perfect time to do a ‘spring’ clean, so to speak, in your home.

A spring clean is really just a deep clean, and with autumn signalling several beginnings (back to school, new courses, colder weather), it’s a perfect time to spruce up the place and still be able to leave the windows open a little while longer.

Here’s a general checklist.

  1. Focus on the rooms that everyone uses: kitchen, main floor bathroom, living room, entryway and dining room.
  2. Clean the house from top to bottom – so start on the ‘top’ floor and work your way down. Also, start cleaning at the top of each room and work your way around. Remember: top to bottom, left to right.
  3. In each room, dust corners for cobwebs, wipe down ceiling fans, and vacuum drapes and other window treatments. Wipe fingerprints and other spots off light switches and walls.
  4. Remove loose decorative articles such as area rugs/mats, couch throws, towels, etc., and wash each one if appropriate.
  5. Dust and wipe all light fixtures and bulbs.  Make sure the light is off and the bulb is cool before cleaning.
  6. Remove everything from surfaces and de-clutter as you go. Dust, clean and polish both the items and the surface.
  7. In the kitchen, clean the refrigerator and freezer, and degrease cooking appliances.
  8. Vacuum all baseboards and get into the tight corners that are usually overlooked with your regular vacuuming.
  9. Move furniture and vacuum beneath and behind it.
  10. Treat carpet stains, or consider having the carpet professionally cleaned.
  11. Wash all mirrors and insides of windows.
  12. Wash the floors.
  13. Empty all garbage and de-clutter by taking any donations to The Salvation Army or another local thrift store.
  14. Schedule fall furnace inspections now and stock up on furnace filters.