Back to School – Get your Family Involved in Chores!'s featured image

Having your children help with daily chores will teach them about hard work and responsibility – a valuable lesson in life, according to the professional residential cleaning experts at MOLLY MAID.

At home, children are always paying attention to the actions of others, especially those of their parents and siblings. By setting a good example, you, as a parent, can help establish a foundation for responsibility as you get ready for the busy ‘back to school’ season! Try using these five tips to help you decrease your stress levels and get your children involved in chores!

  1. Involve the whole family. Approach chores as a team. You may be surprised to find out that your little ones want to get involved too! Include your children in conversations about setting goals, teamwork and what it means to be a part of a family.
  1. Focus on interests. If one of your children shows interest in the kitchen, ask for their help making dinner or setting the table. Start with basic, simple tasks, like placing condiments on the table or adding ingredients to a big bowl of salad. By incorporating their interests, you can make helping fun.
  1. Talk it through. Take baby steps when first introducing chores to younger children. Start by teaching a specific task in steps. Be careful not to overwhelm them with too much information right off the get go.
  1. Choose age-appropriate tasks. Take your children’s age into consideration when asking them to help with household chores. It is not only important to recognize which chores are realistic in terms of their abilities, it is also important not to ask them to take on too much, as this can often lead to frustration. You want to avoid re-doing the task. This way your child can develop a sense of accomplishment and confidence knowing they completed the task themselves.
  1. Offer feedback and appreciation. Acknowledging a job well done will provide your children with encouragement and satisfaction. By recognizing their contribution, you can teach your children the value of hard work and responsibility.