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As kids head back to school this month, or start for the first time, be prepared for the inevitable ritual of sickness that follows in their wake. It’s a fact! GPs report that, in the second week of September, their practice is bombarded with kids complaining of runny noses, sore throats and coughs of all severities. There are also the dreaded tummy bugs that hit a home and systematically make each member sick. This school year, arm yourself with an arsenal of new habits and watch the bugs bug off!

Hand Hygiene

Eighty percent of common infections are spread by interaction with our hands. So it only makes sense that, by teaching kids to wash their hands regularly throughout the day, we can significantly decrease the frequency of colds, influenza and other infections. Make sure they’re using soap and water. As is obvious through public health campaigns, hand washing after using the bathroom, before and after eating, and playing in the sandbox is one of the best remedies to fight the back to school bugs.

Vitamin C Rich Foods

Vitamin C helps to fight the flu and cold virus. Citrus, strawberries and bell peppers are jam-packed with vitamin C so they are obvious choices to add to packed lunches. For picky eaters, you may want to consider a daily multivitamin. Pair your child’s healthy diet with a good sleep routine and the body is less likely to get run down.

Reusable Water Bottle

Be sure to send your child with a water bottle each day and encourage them not to share it with others. Hydration is important but studies show that drinking fountains can be hot zones for germs. Bringing water from home just makes sense! Ensure you or your child empties the water every night and gives the bottle a rinse, and make sure to thoroughly clean around the mouthpiece.

Tea Tree Oil Treatments

Lice like to gather at schools, especially around the base of kid’s necks and behind the ears. Luckily, head lice find the smell of tea tree oil repulsive. It is 100% natural, soothing on the scalp and completely safe, so a few drops strategically placed will do the trick. For extra protection, everyone in the house should start using tea tree oil-infused shampoo in September. If you can’t find tea tree oil-infused shampoo, you can easily make your own. Just add 10 drops of tea tree essential oil into your bottle of shampoo.



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