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For as long as many of us can remember, it’s felt like our homes have been drowning in paper: bills, tax forms, junk mail, registrations, applications, you name it! But now, thanks to the internet, bit by bit, everything’s going electronic. So now it feels like we’re drowning in cables! We need to charge our laptops, tablets, play controllers, book readers, mobile phones, and, of course for some gadgets.  That is times the number of family members in the home. And so, every electric outlet and power cord in the house is an eyesore. Ready to stop the insanity? Here’s what our cleaning services experts from MOLLY MAID learned:

Mounted USB Charger

If you live on your own, a mounted USB charger could be all that you need. You can move it around from room to room, and charge several mobile devices at once. You can either choose a mounted USB charger that is strictly for USB charging or it can be a multi-use charger that allows you to plug in other household items like lamps or clock radios. For best results google “mounted USB charger”.

USB Outlet 

For busy households, it’s best to install multipurpose wall outlet receptacles in every room, because they allow you to plug in small appliances and charge devices at the same time. According to the Home Depot website, it’s the first time in eighty-five years that the design of the traditional wall outlet has changed! The fantastic thing about installing USB outlets is that you eliminate the need for AC plugs, which in most homes, somehow disappear into thin air.

USB Charging Station

Googling “USB charging station” or “USB charging hub” gets you similar results, just make sure to click on images to find a design that suits your home or office decor. You might also want to try the term “multi-dock USB” to get even better design options. What’s excellent about USB charging stations is how well they keep you organized. The benefits of being able to charge your personal and work mobile phones, tablet and e-reader into the same charging spot are endless! All your devices are in one spot; there’s no need for you to drag charging cables around from room to room; and best of all, your electronics are docked neatly into one station. No extra AC plugs needed! No clutter anywhere! And your devices are always charged!

Staying organized is the first start to having a clean and organized home. To get the rest of the way to your clean home, contact your local MOLLY MAID here for professional and comprehensive cleaning services in Canada.



Photo by Stephen Johnson