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Is your home feeling cluttered? It might be time for the ultimate winter purge! We’ve pulled together our best pro tips to declutter every area in your home, including the overwhelming messes in the garage, the computer files, and the overflowing kitchen cabinets. Not only will you enjoy the immediate benefits of an organized home, you’ll also experience the mental clarity that comes with a refreshed living environment.

Out with the Old

Start in the kitchen. First, empty out all of the cabinets. Donate the canned goods you bought on a whim, and throw away any outdated products. Make an eye-catching and well-organized space by investing in clear pasta and grain containers.

Fashionably Tidy

Next, head to your bedroom. Conquer the closet with a “less is more” mantra—it may seem impossible at first, but you can take and keep control of your wardrobe. Sort clothes by colour or season, and donate all the items you haven’t worn in more than 2 years. To make the most of closet space, consider investing in storage boxes and space-saving hangers.

Streamlined and Spa-like

Decluttering your bathroom can transform it into a spa-like sanctuary. Invest in storage solutions to keep your space tidy and welcoming, and dispose of expired toiletries and cosmetics. You’ll thank yourself during your next relaxing bubble bath or luxurious shower.

Tame the Tech Jungle

Now head to the home office. Sort through digital clutter by putting computer files in order. Make folders for various projects, get rid of pointless files, and clean out your overflowing inbox. Your digital space deserves a clutter-free makeover too! For inspiration, play a digital sustainability podcast.

Declutter Your Library

Give your bookshelf a facelift by curating your book collection. Give away the books you’ve read and won’t be picking up again, and arrange the others by category or colour. It’s about constructing a visually beautiful literary landscape, not merely tidying up!

A Breath of Fresh Air

Reduce the amount of knick knacks in your living room, take the lead from Marie Kondo and only keep things that make you happy. And arrange your furniture for optimal flow. To add more storage, think about investing in multipurpose furniture pieces, and explore ideas with Ikea.

Maximize Space

If available to you, take a calculated approach to the often overlooked garage. Sort seasonal goods, tools, and outdoor gear. Invest in hooks and storage shelves to keep everything off the floor and make the area more useful and orderly.

Cherish, Store, or Let Go

Address sentimental items by evaluating their importance. Treasure the things that are actually meaningful, put others in labelled bins, and think about parting with stuff that are no longer of great significance.

Not sure where to start, here’s a short declutter video for inspiration.


Photo by Darwin Vegher on Unsplash