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Ironing may not be the most enticing item on your to-do list; however, the residential cleaning experts at MOLLY MAID suggest trying these tips to help minimize the hassle.

Location: Use your bedroom as your main ironing hub. This will prevent you from having to bring your clothes from one room to another. Consider hanging your ironing board on the back of your closet door for easy access.

Temperature: Start by ironing the clothes that require the lowest ironing temperature, such as.

Preventing shine: Over time, and depending on the material, some items may take on a ‘shine’ when ironed. To prevent this, iron the article of clothing inside out.

 Dress shirts: A freshly pressed dress shirt always looks impressive, when ironed correctly. Here’s how:

  • The collar: Start by ironing the collar of your dress shirt first. ‘Pop’ the collar and iron the underside, starting in the centre and moving outward. Flip the shirt over and repeat the process on the outside of the collar.
  • The cuffs: Unbutton the cuffs of your shirt and lay it flat. Iron the underside first. Repeat the process on the outside as well.
  • The front: Unbutton the dress shirt and lay it flat on the ironing board so that the buttons are face up; iron between each button. Next, iron from the top of the left shoulder, down to the hem of your shirt. Repeat the process on the right side as well.
  • The back: Lay the shirt flat so that the back of the shirt is facing you. Iron from the back shoulder area, down to the hem, starting from left side and working your way to the right.
  • Sleeves: Roll-up a towel and insert it into the sleeves of your dress shirt. The towel will help you iron the sleeves without leaving a crease. Start ironing from the top of the shoulder, down to the cuff.