5 Playful Ways to Thaw the February Blues

February in Canada can be tough on the mind, body and soul—chilly temperatures, non-stop snow shoveling, and seemingly never-ending winter blues. Ready to become one of those people who know how to have a good time no matter the weather? We’ve curated a list of five delightful ways to beat back those February blues and […]

Dirty Collars? Keep Them Clean with Water

What happens when your favourite winter accessory becomes a canvas for a makeup mishap? It’s not pretty! No one likes that creamy white film that foundation can leave smudged on the collar of your winter coat. Luckily, this fashion faux pas has been picked up by TikTok and discussed ad nauseam. But which cleaning tips […]

How to Clean After the Flu

Hopefully, you will sneak through winter without ever being under the weather but be prepared if illness does strike. We’ve pulled together some helpful cleaning tips to sanitize your home post-flu.

Homemade Chowder with Fish or Without

Hearty Winter Dish Guaranteed to Beat Back the Cold
A big bowl of chowder keeps cold chills from settling in. At least that’s what Grandma always used to say. Looking for a new recipe, this one’s a keeper!

5 Ways to Combat the Winter Blues

Winter blues affect us all to some degree. So, be kind to yourself and ward off seasonal despair with a little self-care. Self-Care and a Skein or 2 of Yarn For many people, weather changes negatively affect their mental health. Fall to winter even more so, as we stay indoors out of the cold, limiting […]

How to Unshrink Your Favourite Sweater

Unshrinking a Sweater in 8 Steps Help! Due to a laundry day mishap, I shrunk my brand-new sweater! Is there anything I can do? You Asked, We Answered (with some tips to save the day!) Shrinking a favourite sweater happens to everyone. But don’t donate it to Value Village just yet! While results may vary, […]

5 Things to Clean Before Snow Falls

Some chores just can’t be ignored, especially in the fall. As we count down the days until the first snowfall, here are a few chores to cross off your list sooner rather than later. 5 Chores to Prep for Winter While each season ends with its own list of chores, the leap from fall to […]

Draft Proofing Your Home

Make your home warm and cozy this winter with these 5 DIY fixes from MOLLY MAID Canada, your home cleaning expert. Easy to implement, these tricks really work! DIY Tricks to Make Your Home Even Cozier this Winter Natural gas prices have been on the rise this summer, and with cold weather on its way […]

The Best Step-by-Step Guide to Canning

There’s a crispness in the air that tells us to prepare for winter. Have you felt it? If so, grab your apron and follow us into the kitchen to preserve this summer’s harvest! How to Take the Taste of Summer into Winter Have you noticed how busy squirrels are this time of year? Preparations for […]

5 Popular Indoor Hanging Plants You Need this Winter

Perfect for small spaces, the macrame hanging pot fad is back! But, not all plants were made to hang. Here are a few of our favourites! Home decor trends this year saw the return of the hanging plant. Magazines were filled with multiple options from the minimalistic wire hanging pots to the more decorative macrame […]

Worry-free Winter Tire Storage Solutions

Worry-free Winter Tire Storage Solutions   Storing winter tires can be a challenge. Not only are they big and bulky, but they’re also high maintenance too! Year after year they need to be stored properly to be kept in good shape. Some people have the good fortune and budget to store their tires at a […]

Give Winter Blues a Citrus Kick!

Give Winter Blues a Citrus Kick!   It’s been a long winter, everyone’s ready for spring to arrive. Shrug off the last of the winter blues with this new fresh DIY cleaning spray. Greening your cleaning routine has many benefits. Not only will it save you money, but it will also reduce the number of […]

Plans for the Perfect Stay-at-Home Valentine’s Day Celebration

Plans for the Perfect Stay-at-Home Valentine’s Day Celebration   If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that you don’t have to go out to celebrate special occasions. All you need are some supplies and a little time to tidy up. Because, it’s not where you are but who you’re with – even if by […]

Snow Removal Made-Easy

Snow Removal Made-Easy   Shoveling snow is a common cause of back pain. While using simple and appropriate snow-shoveling techniques will go a long way in preventing unnecessary pain and injury, asking for help is the better way to go. It’s actually easier than you think. Just like ordering a ride on Uber, you can […]

3 Off-the-Wall Organizational Tricks for Your Kitchen

3 Off-the-Wall Organizational Tricks for Your Kitchen   Often, the key to household organization is a little ingenuity. While a kitchen reno would be nice, you don’t have to break the bank to improve functionality. Sometimes the answers can be found in unlikely places. In fact, repurposed items can be just as effective, more cost […]

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