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Trendy coconut oil is proving to be one of the most versatile beauty products ever.  According to Prevention magazine, it can be used for the following beauty treatments.

  1. Hand cream. Soothe dry hands by moisturizing with a bit of coconut oil.
  2. Smooth legs. Apply coconut oil to your legs and shave. This is an inexpensive and naturally antimicrobial shaving method, and it smells good too.
  3. Body scrub. Melt ½ cup of coconut oil at very low heat. Pour over 1 cup of brown sugar or salt, and stir well. Mix in a few drops of essential oil or pure vanilla extract. Use as a scrub on your body.
  4. Body moisturizer. Use coconut oil as you would moisturizer. Virgin coconut oil increases hydration and reduces water loss in dry skin.
  5. Massage oil. Use coconut oil for a skin-friendly massage.

In the Home: The professional house cleaners at MOLLY MAID say that coconut oil can be used to clean your home too. Clean leather shoes by working a small amount into the leather to moisturize and shine them. Remove sticky label residue by covering the problem label with a film of coconut oil, letting it soak and then wiping off the label. Clean ink from plastic or vinyl furniture by using coconut oil undiluted on the stain. Gently scrub to remove.