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When was the last time you were embarrassingly late for work, or to drop the kids off at school because you lost your keys, your wallet or your mobile phone? If your answer is ‘just this morning,’ here are 10 tips to help you become tidier. Rest assured, not everyone follows all of these rules and you don’t have to either. We ordered this list in a way that, even if you only stick to one of the ideas, you’ll still see results. So, naturally, we put the most important idea on the list, twice. We hope you see dramatic improvements!

  1. Tidy people have a designated spot to park their keys. Some people hang their keys on hooks, others have a key bowl or basket on their console table or mantlepiece, while others opt for mail and key organizers available in their particular home decor style. If you’ve got an extreme minimalist aesthetic, but like plants, consider a DIY plant pot hack. Place your favourite potted plant into a much larger pot so there’s room between the two pots. Use the empty space to store keys, the dog’s leash or any other small item that you don’t want out in the open.
  2. Tidy people don’t procrastinate. If a box of cereal spills over, they clean it up right then and there. If the groceries get brought into the house, they get put away, right away. If the mail is full of junk, it gets recycled immediately.
  3. Tidy people often have very unorthodox cleaning schedules. The bathroom might not get cleaned on the same day as the kitchen, clothes might not get laundered the same day as bed sheets and towels, and the kitchen floor might get dry mopped after breakfast and dinner. Breaking up chores into bite-sized pieces means nothing is ever neglected for too long. Whatever works, right?!
  4. Tidy people refuse and reduce. In general, one of the reasons a tidy home looks tidy is because it is home to fewer things. Instead of subscribing to dozens of magazines and constantly buying best sellers, tidy types and minimalists opt for paperless subscriptions, e-readers or borrowing from the library or friends.
  5. Tidy people think about storage, a lot. Instead of buying more bookcases, and every wire and wicker basket in every shape and size, tidy people file, shred and donate, a lot.
  6. Tidy people say ‘No, thank you,’ a lot. No, thank you to freebies from conferences. No, thank you to family heirlooms (this can be hard). No, thank you to a brand new bike because the old one they own is perfect in its imperfections.
  7. Tidy people proudly borrow champagne glasses. There’s nothing wrong with you if you don’t own every type of liqueur glass and craft brew beer mug. If you’re hosting a party where special drinking glasses are needed, borrow, rent or ask friends to bring their own.
  8. Tidy people worship clean counters and sinks! To achieve this look, their appliances get cleaned and put away after each use. The dishwasher gets unloaded and filled up with breakfast dishes. It’s not rocket science, just some baby steps, day-in-day-out.
  9. Tidy people love multipurpose and space saving furniture. These days, the greatest ideas in space-saving design come from tiny home architects and designers. In that world, a step stool isn’t just a miniature ladder, it’s a storage unit and seating option. Foldaway furniture, like Murphy beds, isn’t just a place to get a good night’s rest, it’s also storage space where spare duvets and pillows get stored.
  10. Tidy people cut a second (and third) set of keys, and put them in a safe spot in case they forget to follow rule #1.

Pro tip: Sometimes life’s extenuating circumstances get in the way of our routines and best-laid plans, and our tidy homes get messy. Consider hiring MOLLY MAID to help get you through a tough time.



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