Bed Head: How to Solve all your Bedding Issues's featured image
  • The stubborn fitted sheet: Check to see that your fitted sheet is the correct depth for your mattress. If it is, and it’s still giving you trouble, try purchasing fitted sheet suspenders or straps. Sheet suspenders attach to the corners of your fitted sheet, and prevent it from untucking.
  • The duvet battle: Avoid the duvet battle by purchasing two; smaller duvet covers for each person. When it’s time to make the bed, simply lay the duvets side-by-side and drape a coverlet across them for a tidy finish.
  • The perfectly clean sheets: Wash your sheets at least once a week with a mild detergent, in order to remove dust and dirt. Always use half of the recommended amount of detergent, since using too much can cause your sheets to feel stiff. Wash your sheets in warm water instead of hot water, as high temperatures will weaken fabric fibres. For brighter white sheets, add ¼ cup of lemon juice to your wash cycle. Make sure to dry your sheets on low or medium temperatures.