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Bust the Dust!

There are some household items and furnishings that attract more dust than others. Although it may seem like there’s nothing you can do to stop the accumulation, there are in fact secret ways! Cole Cheema, our Molly Maid cleaning expert in Vancouver, has a few dust-busting suggestions that he urges everyone to try. Let’s start from the floor up.


Wall to wall carpet is the worst dust collector in our homes. If possible, replace with wood, cork, tile, or non-vinyl linoleum. “Throw rugs are a great alternative,” says Cole, because they’re much easier to regularly shake out. Otherwise, vacuum carpets frequently. Get into the corners, along the floorboards and move furniture to reach every dust bunny. Also, look at how much dust is being tracked in. You may need a shoes-off policy or at the very least, doormats to wipe your shoes


“Couch throw cushions and pillows are also great dust collectors,” points out Cole. Limit the number of pillows you have just lying around. Be sure to vacuum them regularly, or shake them outside to get rid of the dust.

Knickknacks and Prizes

Knickknacks, tchotchkes and trophies also attract dust, especially if they’re not cleaned regularly. If they get sticky with dirt and grime, they attract even more dust! Cole recommends cleaning and buffing these items regularly. He also encourages homeowners to clear shelves of too many knickknacks, as clutter is a natural dust collector.

Shiny Dark Surfaces

Dust is attracted to shiny dark surfaces, which is why the TV always looks dusty. It’s also very visible on those surfaces. Be sure to dust regularly and wipe surfaces with a slightly damp microfibre cloth.

Venetian Blinds

These are one of the worst dust collectors on our list. They should be cleaned weekly, says Cole especially during the warmer seasons when windows are open. Use a damp microfibre cloth or dampen an old mismatched sock (finally a good use for it!) and use it to wipe away dust on each blind. It’s time consuming, but well worth it.

Ceiling Fans

To clean dust from ceiling fans, all you need is a pillowcase. Yep, thats all! Simply put a pillowcase over the blade and then slide it off. It’ll trap dust and debris inside of the case. Now all you have to do is toss the dirty pillowcase in the laundry bin. Quick and easy!