Camp Smart: Seven Unusual Camping Tips's featured image

Planning your annual camping trip? We have prepared some creative tips to help you “rough it”, with a little more comfort.

  1. Empty coffee container: Put toilet paper into an empty coffee container to keep it dry.
  2. Foam floor tiles: Bring a dozen or so and use them to create a comfortable floor in your tent.
  3. Microfibre towels: Invest in microfibre towels when camping. Not only are they less bulky, but they are also very absorbent and quick drying.
  4. Tick deterrent: Combine 1 part tea tree oil and 2 parts water in a spray bottle to make a tick deterrent spray. Spray it on your footwear and pants to protect yourself when walking in long grass.
  5. Sage advice: Add a bundle of sage to your campfire to help keep the mosquitoes away.
  6. Baby powder sand blaster: After a day at the beach, sprinkle your feet with baby powder to soak up any excess moisture and make it easier to remove sand from your feet before walking into the tent.
  7. Odour eater: When packing up the tent, pour a little cat litter into an old sock and tie the end. Store it inside the tent or bag to keep it smelling fresh.
Photo by Brooks Rice on Unsplash