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Yes! One lone basket can alter the course of your day, your week, and eventually your life! Whether it’s your favourite fruit basket from Belize, your grandmother’s treasured egg basket, or a wooden basket you found by someone’s trash heap on garbage day, you’re on your way to getting organized.  Here’s how:

Fruit Basket

If it were easy to eat super healthy meals all the time, then there wouldn’t be as many self-help books as there are. We are busy, tired, overcommitted, not always at home, and sometimes just forget our lunch on the counter. A fruit basket can change all of that in just one shot! If you place a fruit basket on your kitchen table, the island or the counter, and you fill it with beautiful fruit, you’ll eat the fruit. The same idea applies if you spend a lot of time at work. Your fruit basket doesn’t even have to be a basket, it can be a metal bowl, a platter, or a metallic inbox tray. A fruit basket will change your life!

Task Basket

If the toaster stops toasting, put it in the task basket until you can take it to the appliance repair shop. If the phone charger wires become exposed, put it in the task basket until you can get in touch with an electronic recycling shop such as If the CO2 cylinder for your soda making machine runs out, put it in the task basket. By putting all the tasks in the task basket, you are keeping all your other areas neat and tidy. By putting all your tasks in one place, you’ll know where to find everything when you have time to do those errands. A task basket can become unsightly, so consider finding a spot in your front hall closet or in the trunk of your car for easy access.

Hats & Gloves Basket

In the winter, there is almost nothing as annoying as checking the temperature to find that it’s minus a gazillion degrees outside (not including the windchill), and you have no idea where your gloves are. That problem stops today! You don’t need a basket, you can use an old wooden crate, an extra-large gift bag or something fancier like an empty porcelain plant pot that you’ve brought indoors so it doesn’t crack. Spend an hour today, gather all the hats, gloves, and mitts and put them in the basket contraption of your choice. Your head and hands will thank you!

Basket Tips:  To learn more about baskets around the world, visit: There’s also this great website about baskets specific to Scotland:




Photo by Annie Spratt