Charming Ways to Light Up the Night's featured image

Here in Canada, deck and patio season doesn’t last long. So, when it finally arrives, everyone does their best to make the most of it. There are so many ways to make the outdoor lounging experience irresistible. Cozy weather-proof sofas, colourful umbrellas, and lush greenery are nice to have. But you can turn even the most basic outdoor space into an oasis with decorative lighting. Here are some ideas to try out.

String Lights any Night

The lowly string light has graduated to the 21st century in recent years. Nowadays, there are LEDs, Edison bulbs and a ton of other versions that come in all shapes and sizes. Even a single string of lights will make a deck look magical – and you don’t need to host a party to hang them up.

Solar Decor

Thanks to the environmental movement, solar lights are all the rage these days. What’s not to love about a light source that gets charged by the greatest light source of all? There are solar lights to suit just about any decor fad. Just remember that after several days of rainy and sunless days you may want to consider back up lighting.

Candle Buzz

Candles have come a long way since the day when they were made with reeds and melted animal fat. Thanks to the Egyptians, who in 3000 BC created beeswax, today we get to enjoy their all-natural healing properties and beautiful honeyed scent.

Endless Lights

The list of night friendly light sources is endless, and includes kerosene lamps, tiki torches, patio lanterns, terracotta chimineas, and portable fire pits. Last but not least, the Queen of night lights (besides fireflies) is a good old-fashioned bonfire. Its versatility and beauty are amazing! All at once, it’s a heat source, a light source, and a roast source (think: marshmallows, s’mores and hot dogs).


Photo by Luis Tosta