Check List: While you’re Away's featured image

If you’re scheduling a vacation this winter, and plan on designating a house-sitting service to watch your home, this simple checklist will help you get prepared and ensure your house-sitter has everything they need.

  • Prepare a folder of important information. The folder should include the House Sitting Agreement (if you have one), your contact information while you’re away, an alternative or emergency contact, house rules (i.e. overnight guests, rooms that are out of bounds), recycling and garbage schedule, contact information for your maid service if a clean will take place while you’re away, your landlord (if applicable), or any other service personnel they may need to contact.
  • Change the linens in the room your house-sitter will be staying in. Leave out fresh towels as well. Make sure to provide basic necessities such as soap, toilet paper, shampoo and conditioner.
  • Show your house-sitter how to use the alarm system, heater, TV, washer and dryer, electrical box and any other appliances or gadgets you feel they should be informed about.
  • Show them where they can park their vehicle. If you live in an apartment or condo, make sure to show them where your parking space is, and provide them with your parking permit if one is required.
  • If they are from out of town, it may be helpful to provide them with information about your neighbourhood, such as recommended restaurants, activities or events in the area.