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Chic Ways to Reuse Glass Jars


The average person buys something packaged in a glass jar every time they buy groceries. Whether we’re grabbing a jar of heat and eat pasta sauce, or farm to table jam, we end up with a glass jar or two every few weeks. Before you toss them in theblue bin, consider these fun ways to repurpose them.

Organize the Pantry
Glass jars take your pantry from shabby to chic in minutes. Fill them with chocolate chips, baking powder, rice, dried beans and nuts.

Pack up Leftovers
Why buy expensive reusable plastic containers, when you can repurpose a glass jar for free! Add a dishwasher safe chalkboard label for the ideal solution for leftovers.

Make Your Own Vase
Many vases are just too big for handpicked wildflowers, especially the big bouquets of dandelions that kids love to collect. A glass jar is often the perfect size.

Organize Office Supplies
Rulers, pencils, pens, markers and highlighters are easily organized in a glass jar. Not
only sturdy, they’re minimalist chic.

Use as Drinking Glasses
Once upon a time, Mason jars were just jars, now they’re the most bespoke glassware on the planet! Find them at celebrity weddings, yoga studios, and hipster cafes.

Quick & Easy Candle Holders
A tea light in a Mason jar will safely illuminate a room. Stylish in groups of 3, they’re alsoa life saver during a power outage.

Organize Bathroom Supplies
Air-tight, glass jars in the bathroom are great for cotton balls, bath salts and hair elastics.


TIP: To remove labels from glass jars: fill your sink with hot water. Add jars, letting each one fill with water. Add ½ cup baking powder, 1 tbsp dish soap, and 2 cups of white vinegar. Adding the vinegar will make the solution fizz for a second, this is good and labels should come off with ease.

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