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Are you ready to transform your space into a sanctuary of order and cleanliness in the simplest way possible? Follow along as we guide you through the magical world of decluttering with just one circular route! It’s hard to imagine, but you actually can be efficient and accomplish so much by just gliding from room to room.

The Preparation Zone

Grab your trusty companions: garbage and recycling bags, to-return and to-donate baskets – and get ready for a clutter-busting mission! Channel your inner superhero as you prepare to conquer the chaos that lurks in every single corner.

Room-Hopping Extravaganza

Start in one corner of your home and set forth on your circular adventure. Tackle each room with gusto, swiftly disposing of unwanted items into their designated new homes: garbage, recycling, or to-return and to-donate baskets.

The Dance of Decluttering

Choose your favourite cleaning playlist and dance through your living spaces, let the rhythm of organization guide your movements. Wave goodbye to excess belongings, sending them to a new life in the garbage, recycling, return, or donation baskets.

Need some help putting together a cleaning playlist? We’ve got you covered!

The Sixty-Minute Rule

Consider a time limit; put on a 55-minute timer so you can maximize your precious time. Even an hour of dedicated clean-up will provide you with the deep satisfaction of seeing your home shed its old skin.


Photo by Katie Pearse on Unsplash