Cleaning a Gas Fireplace Takes 10 Minutes!'s featured image

The first thing you need to do before you start cleaning your gas fireplace doesn’t require you to lift a finger, because all you need to do is let your gas fireplace cool down. Wait a minimum of sixty minutes. The other two things are just as simple: turn your pilot light and gas levers to the off position. Now you’re ready to tackle the next 9 minutes of work.


Vacuum the Kids, Dogs, Pets, or Bugs

Children, cats, dogs, friends, family and everyday foot traffic bring lint, dust, hairballs and fibres into our homes, and into our gas fireplaces. And bugs make their way in all on their own. Luckily all you need to do to remove these fragments is a vacuum cleaner. You don’t need a heavy duty shop vac because there’s no soot, ash or splinters of wood to deal with. Before you remove rock wool embers and logs from their position ensure you’ve taken a photo so you know how to put them back. Or know where your log set installation map is. Vacuum using the soft brush attachment.  Put items back in place.


Glass Cleaning Like a Pro

Cleaning the glass door of your gas fireplace is a very simple task, but more often than not, cleaning the glass leaves fingerprints that will drive you crazy—even though your guests will never notice them. If you’re inclined, consider picking up a pair of 100% cotton gloves so that when you’re cleaning the glass there’s no chance you’ll leave your fingerprints anywhere. Apart from that, you only need a glass cleaner and a microfibre cloth to tackle the dust and film residue that sometimes appears on the inner glass.


Pro Tip: The other parts of your gas fireplace are not your business! Warranty conditions and requirements state that you must get your gas fireplace serviced annually by a qualified service technician. Keep copies of all service records so that if your gas fireplace stops working you can prove you abided by the warranty rules.


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