Cleaning Hacks to Make Your Home Seem Pet Free's featured image

For most humans, it’s hard to live without a pet, but their presence can sometimes be a bit too noticeable. Between the fur, the accidents and the muddy paws, maintaining a clean and inviting home can feel like a constant battle. However, you can create a pet-free feeling home, even with your furry (or feathery) companion by your side. All you need are a few simple changes to your cleaning routine.

Invest in the Right Tools

A good vacuum cleaner is a must-have. Look for one with strong suction and a pet hair attachment specifically designed to grab fur from furniture and carpets. Lint rollers are your BFF for quick touch-ups on clothes and furniture, and a rubber glove (damp or dry) works wonders for collecting fur clinging to surfaces.

Embrace the Shed Cycle

Brushing your pet regularly removes loose fur before it ends up all over the house. For heavy shedders, consider daily brushing outdoors, especially during shedding seasons.

Wash, Dry, Repeat

Wash pet bedding, throws and cushions regularly. Check the care labels, as most can handle a spin cycle in your washing machine. Consider using dryer sheets for an extra layer of freshness.

The Magic of Baking Soda

Baking soda is a natural deodorizer and is pet friendly. Sprinkle it on carpets and upholstery, leave it for 15-30 minutes and then vacuum thoroughly. This absorbs lingering pet smells and leaves a fresh scent.

The Versatile Power of Vinegar

In a spray bottle, mix equal parts water and white vinegar. This solution is excellent for tackling accidental urine and feces that happen on furniture and hard floors. Always test a small area first to ensure the vinegar doesn’t discolor the fabric.

The Fresh Scent of Nature

When the weather’s nice, open windows and doors to allow fresh air to circulate. Consider placing bowls of activated charcoal or odour-absorbing crystals around your home to passively neutralize pet smells.

Contain the Chaos

Dedicate a space for your pet’s belongings. A designated bed, feeding station, and toy basket help keep pet clutter at bay.

Minimize Pet-Centric Decor

While a framed picture of your furry friend is adorable, an abundance of pet-themed items can make your home feel overrun. Opt for neutral tones and classic decor to create a more spacious and streamlined look.


Photo by Kojirou Sasaki on Unsplash