Cleaning Jewelry 101's featured image

We’ve got some not-so-secret secrets of jewelry cleaning that will ensure your treasures sparkle like the day they met you.

Assess Your Gems

Before diving into the world of cleaning, take a moment to assess your precious gems. Delicate pearls, resilient diamonds, and intricate gold or silver require unique care. Take inventory of the composition of your jewelry ensemble to tailor your cleaning regimen accordingly.

A Spa Day for Your Jewels

Prepare a luxurious bath for your jewelry by mixing warm water with a few drops of mild dish soap. Allow your jewels to bask in this gentle elixir, letting the soap dissolve away accumulated oils and grime. Pro tip: For intricate pieces, a soft-bristled toothbrush can be your trusty assistant, delicately coaxing away hidden residues.

Pure Elegance Unveiled

As your gems soak, visualize the impurities gently drifting away. Rinse each piece under cool running water, ensuring all soap residue bids adieu. Patience is key; let your jewelry air-dry naturally, allowing it to reclaim its radiant essence.

The Final Polishing Act

For that extra gleam, use a polishing cloth to gently buff your jewelry, revealing a dazzling brilliance. Now, grab your phone and add the next cleaning date to your calendar.


Photo by Amina Atar on Unsplash