Molly Maid Revealed: Inside the Cleaning Kit's featured image

Molly Maid Revealed: Inside the Cleaning Kit

Ever wonder how your MOLLY MAID cleaning crew gets your home so clean? Each staff member brings their own kind of magic to the job and combines it with the company’s 42 years of cleaning know-how, tricks of the trade and a whole lot of elbow grease! Plus, there’s the tried and true cleaning kit. The Molly Maid cleaning kit has always helped make cleaning even the toughest mess much easier. So, without further delay, here we reveal the wondrous world inside our cleaning arsenal.

Our cleaning essentials include:

  • rubber gloves
  • broom with pan
  • mop
  • bucket
  • high duster
  • vacuum cleaner
  • dish soap
  • glass cleaner
  • all-purpose cleaner
  • bathroom cleaner
  • microfibre cloths (a few per room)

Looking for a few insider tips? Our cleaning experts are happy to share:

  • Wear rubber gloves to protect your skin from germs and cleaning agents.
  • Always place water-filled buckets on a towel, this helps prevent water damage to the floor.
  • When buying commercial cleaning products look for these labels: phosphate-free, low-phosphate, chlorine-free, non-toxic and biodegradable.
  • An extendable duster gets at low and high hanging cobwebs. Don’t use a feather duster, it doesn’t actually pick up dust, it just moves it around.
  • Look for a broom with a light-weight handle, this will help you avoid shoulder strain. Taller people can also avoid discomfort by using a broom with a longer handle.
  • Look for a mop with a washable cloth head, such as cotton or microfibre. A plastic wringer lever is convenient and will keep your hands dry.
  • Reusable microfibre cloths are the best, highly absorbent when wet, and lint-free when dry. Just toss them in the wash and hang to dry.