Cleaning the Car can be Child’s Play's featured image

Getting the children to help with household chores, like cleaning your car, not only keeps them occupied, but also teaches them a valuable lesson in responsibility that is all part of growing up.

Of course, the first few times they clean the car, you’re going to have to get your hands dirty too! Particularly with younger children, you can find that your vehicle will end up with more streaks and smears than it started with if you’re not careful. That’s why it will be good to get the soapy bucket of water and other supplies together so you can show them, first hand, the right ways to do the job.

Anything that makes a household chore a little more interesting is bound to capture a child’s imagination. Here are some fun tips for getting your kids involved in activities that ‘help’ mom and dad with washing the car:

To avoid arguments when multiple children are involved, provide a bucket with soapy water to each child, along with their own cleaning supplies like some microfibre cloths, a toothbrush and even a shammy.

Washing the car can easily turn into an opportunity to play some water games; while cleaning, use bubbles to create fun pictures and spell out their names.  Then, once the car is washed, hook a sprinkler up to the hose and let the kids enjoy their ‘reward’ of a job well done!