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There’s a lot of cleaning jobs we all do around the house that never get discussed on popular cleaning vlogs or get featured in housekeeping articles. They’re what are known as the unsexy chores because nobody but you notices, once they’ve been done. The fascinating thing about these tasks is that you feel an immense rush of joy as soon as they’re done, right?! We’re sharing five areas that we often see neglected in the hope that they spark a lot of joy for you too!

Furniture Legs

Dust bunnies are born and raised on wooden floors. Chances are, no matter how often you sweep, dry mop or vacuum, you harvest a bunch. Not only do they grow ridiculously fast, they’re sneaky! Next time you plan to clean your wooden floors, first wipe a dry microfibre cloth under each leg of chairs and stools. Also check around any other furniture legs. Be warned: the huge number of dust bunnies hiding in there will shock you!

Kitchen Counter

Sure, every night after dinner you give the kitchen counter a good wipe down. But how often do you remove every last thing from its surface? Tonight’s the night – we promise you, it will only take an extra 15 minutes. Once the counter is bare, wipe off crumbs and dust with a microfibre cloth, then wash with your favourite DIY cleaning spray.

Kitchen Sink

Scrub the sink until it gleams. Sounds so basic, right? It is. But here’s a little secret, in order to get the sink clean and shiny you need two things, elbow grease and a scouring agent. To date, our best go-to is a damp microfibre cloth and dishwasher powder (or break a powder pac). Make a fist, wrap the cloth over your hand and scrub in small circles using the lower knuckles.


We’re not huge fans of dusting with any type of feathery duster. Instead we dust by wiping down areas with a microfibre cloth because it traps the dust as opposed to spreading it. We also wipe down decorative ceramic plates, tchotchkes and planters. But if you’d like to go one step further, consider giving your baubles a bubble bath at least four times a year (more if you or your loved ones suffer from allergies).

Kitchen Floor

Whether you live small or large, vacuuming the kitchen floor is a well-avoided task. Here’s a mind trick to help motivate you: next time you’re vacuuming the kitchen floor pretend it’s going to be featured on the cover of your favourite home decor magazine. Move furniture, get out the special vacuum attachments, pick everything up off the floor, get in between each and every floor board and show that floor who’s boss!



Photo by Mark McCammon