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Trendy TikTok Cleaning Hacks


Not just for the teenage crowd, TikTok is creating quite a following for its cleaning hacks. TikTok searches for cleaning have increased more than 400% in the last year! Those searches proved the app is packed with helpful videos to help you declutter, clean inside your oven, refresh grout, and more importantly, how to keep your iPhone screen spotless. These short snack-size reels may be just the inspiration you’ve been looking for!

Popular TikTok Cleaning Channels to Check Out:

Jessica Haizman’s Home Tips (@jessica haizman)

Alison’s Cleaning (@allisoncleanin)

Vanessa Amaro (@vaneamaro91)

Just remember, while some TikTok videos do offer quick fixes to some of your cleaning woes, the majority of these enthusiastic TikTokers are not cleaning professionals. Some of their advice may be more entertaining than an effective cleaning method. So as with anything you read online, be cautious. Do skim the comments to verify results.

Image by Nitish Gupta from Pixabay