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5 Things That Make a Room Look Cluttered


Ever feel like no matter how much time you spend on chores, you never quite hit the mark? You change products, whip up a few DIY cleaning solutions and seek advice online, but nothing seems to work. Sure, it may smell fresh and clean, but that’s only part of the picture.

Try decluttering these 5 areas, it should make a huge difference!

Too Many Knick Knacks
A few knick knacks add flair to your home, one too many are a problem. Architecturally they interfere with clean lines and can make a space seem smaller. They also collect dust. Easily declutter by minimizing the number of knick knacks you have per room.  Everything On the Fridge Kids’ artwork, school photos and soccer schedules tend to live on our fridge doors— indefinitely. At first, getting fridge status is a mark of celebration or important reminder. But after a few months, it’s time to reassess.

Paper Piles
Even if it’s today’s mail, make an effort to go through the pile. Recycle the flyers and promotional items and then deal with the rest. Bills can be paid, letters read or filed away. Working from home? Invest in a file cabinet or modernize and go paperless.

Throw Pillows
We all love a good throw pillow. Not only a comfy attribute to any room, they often add colour or a whimsical touch. But, too many can be stifling. Add one or two at max. Otherwise, they will overwhelm your decor.

Cords and Wires
Google cord management and you’ll find endless hits. Unfortunately, cords and wires are one of the ugliest items of the modern world, but we can’t live without them. Luckly, creative solutions are available to corral cords and keep them hidden.

Photo by Sidekix Media on Unsplash