Clever Ways to Rehome Leftover Garage Sale Items's featured image

The garage sale was a smashing success! Tables are bare, pockets are lined, and you’re basking in the joy of decluttering. But wait, there’s still a box (or three) overflowing with odds and ends that didn’t find new homes. Here’s how to turn those leftover treasures into someone else’s gain or possibly repurposed for your own use.

Freecycle and Buy Nothing Groups

These online communities are havens for free stuff. Post pictures of your leftover items and see if they spark joy (and find new homes) with someone else.

Charitable Donations

Think about local schools, art programs, or shelters that might appreciate your treasures. Before donating, check their wish lists to ensure your items are truly needed.

The Art of Bundling

Combine leftover items into themed bundles.  A rainy-day craft kit could include construction paper, markers, and a colouring book – perfect for keeping little ones entertained.

Container Creativity

Repurpose old containers to store the remaining bits and bobs. Shoe boxes transformed into organizers can hold craft supplies or office essentials. Pretty tins can become homes for buttons and sewing notions.

Host a Neighbourhood Swap Party

Invite your neighbours and encourage them to bring their own unwanted items. It’s a fun way to declutter, find new treasures and foster community spirit.

Embrace Online Marketplaces

There are numerous online platforms, like Facebook Marketplace, dedicated to selling (or even giving away) pre-loved items. Take high-quality pictures, write click-bait good descriptions and price your items competitively.


Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash